Ten Common Mistakes that Cost More Than Outsourcing

Starting this new project soon but very confused on the fact that whether I should just ask my already built in-house team of developers to start working on it? But my team is already working on a few projects; will they be able to manage them? Of course, they will somehow manage the new project too but will they be able to put in all their efforts and expertise in this project and deliver it to me exactly how I have visioned it? Or I should consider outsourcing this time and hire the best professionals for it? Will hiring professionals help me grow my business?  Will they be able to bring in all their expertise most efficiently and smoothly?''


Now that's a question!

Not a doubt that at the very initial stage of starting your project the question that arises the most is whether or not to outsource. Whether to just let your already existing teamwork on it? This is the most frequently asked question by companies but the catchy part is that only you, being the stakeholder of the company can answer this question by weighing all the pros and cons of outsourcing. By looking at your goal, resources, time, and expertise you have within your team/organization; it's only you who can decide what you want for your business.

This trend of letting your in-house team of developers do all the work has been changing now or better to say outsourcing is new!! Over the past years, outsourcing has become the constitutive part of running your business. Based on current trends the global market of business outsourcing is likely to reach $405 billion by 2027! Due to the viability of outsourcing, companies are more inclined towards involving a third party to develop their products that were initially developed by the company's team because of the financial benefits attached to it. Sometimes the mistakes that companies make by not outsourcing the services or development of products cost more than outsourcing itself!

We shall now move on and discuss mistakes companies do by not outsourcing:

High costs/ Overhead

Out of all the mistakes companies do, the biggest mistake so far is investing a hefty amount of money within the organization for the development of software when you can just hire the best IT professionals in the market and reduce costs? You read it right; maintaining an in-house team of developers can be extortionate. The company has to buy equipment, pay high salaries, rent, etc. A major chunk of investment needs to be done by the company to afford and maintain the in-house team whereas there is a significant control and reduction in costs if you just outsource! Hire a team, pay them according to your budget and get your work done at your convenience. Unlike sustaining an in-house team, outsourcing is a one-time investment. Hence, BIGGER SAVINGS!

Time Sink- But why?

Software development is a strenuous job! Not an easy task to do. It requires a lot of effort and hard work. Hiring, scheduling interviews, pieces of training, discussions, and planning on how to proceed with the development of software can be time extensive and exhausting. It can drain so much of your time which you could have utilized otherwise. In the era of the rapidly growing competitive software industry WHY leave behind or give your competitors a chance to overtake you when we can just outsource your software development and you manage to stay ahead of your competitors while the third party efficiently maintains your project. Win-Win situation?

Best Fish in the market- Why limit yourself?

Efficient handling by an expert is a must-have for software development. An expert who is well trained with tonnes of experience can grow your business. Finding the right talent by staying within your budget can only be done by outsourcing! Outsource your software development project to our company outsourcers.io and let us do those wonders for you! Here you will have access to top talent and together we will help your business achieve more than its potential.

Dealing with those technical complexities

There's an inevitable need for new tools and resources in the rapidly evolving software market. Why burden yourself with the expense of tools and resources. To make things easier for you, the best IT companies around the world possess all that you need for your software development project. Ease out and enjoy how they manage your project with lots of dedication, hard work, newest tools, and resources.

Staff dismissal

Another problem that companies might face is staff dismissal. After investing so much time and resources in a team member, no company would want them to leave the company. You don't want that hassle in your life where you would have to hire someone again, train them and invest in them knowing that one day they might leave the company too. Instead by outsourcing a company can do an easy scale of teams.

Quality and Standards

By approaching an exceptionally experienced team of software developers the quality of work you receive is commendable which is less likely from the in-house team. Hence lower cost with amazing quality of work provided. Another win-win?

No Diversity

An in-house team might only have developers but when you outsource you get tech gurus, UX and UI designers, software developers, software architects, and QA engineers all in one package. They as a team develop your product and give the best results!

Lacking Innovations

Innovation is very essential for businesses to grow and stay ahead of their competitors. Companies might lack innovation which can have adverse effects on their business. Outsourcing to companies like outsourcers.io you will watch us bring so much new to your business. With innovative ideas and great product development, we will conquer the software industry.

Concentrate on what you do best

Companies fail to achieve desired results when they try handling and managing workloads during the development of products and IT projects all by themselves. Instead, just hire a specialized team that shall work on your behalf to minimize the burden on the company saving time and money while you use your time efficiently and concentrate on what you do best!


Outsourcing is ALWAYS the better idea. In this fast-paced, IT industry one cannot afford to be left behind. By outsourcing all the risks of in-house software development can be mitigated. With the in-depth knowledge and expertise of these tech gurus and IT professionals’ companies can achieve their final product at the best price, not just in monetary value but also by saving you lots of effort and time that you could have utilized otherwise.