Outsourcers – Our Tools and Methods to Building Software

How do we work? The ideal software product development process consists of the following phases:

The Product Vision 

Exploring project requirements is a must! This is the MOST important phase of product development. It’s essential to know what the stakeholder or consumer demands from the software product. The goal is to achieve the best quality product without wasting time, effort, and money. This helps us in knowing what works best for you which later helps us formulate the best results. The brainstorming phase helps in identifying the key requirements of the product. It involves a deep analysis of exactly what the stakeholder and consumer demands, and works on the need of the hour by finding a solution that is the best fit for the customer. By thoroughly examining key requirements and software specifications, our team of software developers comes up with the most appropriate solution to fulfill your needs. By now, a gamut of the project's desired design requirements, and specifications are constructed and assembled. Now we exactly know what your software development specifications are. This will be now used by our team of experts and tech Gurus in the latter stages of software product development. Tools we use in this process are Jira by Atlassian for project management and Notion for documentation.


Design- Intuitive and engaging designs

As soon as the viability of the project is defined, design features and requirements are taken into consideration. At this stage, with the help of Figma, our designers will begin working on the design. With Figma, it is easier to maintain our design system.

Taking into account consumer needs, our software development team will now design your envisioned product and then move it to the next stage, which is the development of the product.  


Product Development through Agile Development Processes

Moving to another very important stage now. Coding and development is the most time extensive yet significant phase of software development. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to consolidate all the product requirements, specifications, design, and write codes into a usable software product. We use GitHub for code hosting for efficient results.

By using GitHub for code hosting, our team 

makes sure that the code corresponds to product specifications and fulfills all the product requirements.

We use Agile Software development methodology at Outsourcers. By using Agile methodology, a project is examined at different phases. This involves continual improvement at every stage. This collaboration is beneficial for stakeholders and team members, both.


Incremental Testing & QA

By now your software product is fully developed and functional. It’s time to examine and do incremental testing of the product. This involves Quality assurance, functionality testing, and user acceptance testing. The quality of the developed software product is thoroughly examined by the QA Team to ensure that the code has no errors, bugs and the business goal which was envisioned at the first stage of product development is achieved

At Outsourcers, application testing is an integral part of the software delivery cycle!


Deployment- Full-function product delivery


The final step!


This step includes the delivery of a fully functional, high quality, and consumer-ready product. The newly built software product is transferred to production for the specific changes to be deployed.

At Outsourcers, we take the newly built software product to live, conduct surveys to identify more opportunities, and support its growth. Moreover, we set up continuous integration for constant growth and deployment capacity.

All these tools and methods collaboratively help in achieving your desired software product because ‘Nothing great is made alone’.