How to Build a Fully-Functioning Software Team that Works Remotely?

Building a remote software development team is the reasonable and practical next step for many companies. The recent Pandemic has caused most companies to look into remote work for their employees. Due to the Pandemic, remote working has proven to be more beneficial for the companies since remote work arrangements help employees reach their full potential. Software developers work best during flexible work hours. Such engagement with scarcely any distractions helps developers fully concentrate on their work, empowering them to remotely provide the most exemplary results. The current remote work trend is here to stay and might never change now.

Perhaps the best thing to do in this changing time now is to build a fully-functional software team that works remotely, but how? We all know that building a team itself is pretty exacting, and building a software team that works remotely is even more intimidating. It is indeed a tough job.

Here are six time-tested workable things you can do to build a software development team that works remotely:

Identifying Project Requirements

Before proceeding further, you need to examine and identify your project requirements. This will assist in deciding the resources your company would need. You would require highly skilled and experienced developers to be on your team to execute your project efficiently in the same course of time you are expecting. It is pivotal to discuss your project's scheduled time frame to set out your budget accordingly.

Get Your Hands On The Proper Software Development Team.

Companies need to be very particular in choosing and hiring perfect software teams for their projects. As obvious as it seems, even though the outsourced team of software developers will be a part of your project. They are bound to share your company values. The best hiring would be even though the software developers work remotely, they understand and value the power of teamwork. They are proactive and willing to push their limit and take full responsibility during the product development and deployment phases. Deliver first-class software; common goals must be discussed and shared between you and the outsourced team. Before taking the software team on board, everyone must be clear about their role in developing the software.

Look For Proper Channels To Find The Best Fit

Referrals can be beneficial in this case. Networking is essential for hiring remote software developers, either outsourced or in-house. Social Media can also play its part in getting you connected with the best software development teams around the globe. Intelligent use of Indeed UpWork, LinkedIn, Freelance, and Fiver can help you connect with highly skilled developers worldwide. But for, the company needs to have clarity on how different countries operate in the digital market. Understanding this can help find the best developers.


Hiring the right way

These steps ensure a smooth hiring process:

  • Looking for talent in the right market
  • Screening Potential Candidates
  • Set up a soft skill interview for an informed decision
  • Conducting technical interviews  to assess the core competencies of the candidates
  • Critical Technical Evaluation
  • Deciding for yourself

Medium to Communicate

It is always tricky to pick and choose the perfect communication and project management tools for the team. Establishing communication channels is very important. This helps the team stay on the same page as you. Your in-house team can play a part by being onboard with the remote workers and responding to their queries. Lists of tools used at   for communication are:

  • Jira by Atlassian for Project Management
  • Figma- for Design Development
  • Slack- for daily check-ins/operations/planning meetings
  • Zoom- For regular/ weekly standups

The foremost important thing in managing a software development company that works remotely is quality communication. One cannot think of compromising on that.

Educate Everybody About Their Goals and Responsibilities

Clearly define software teams' roles and responsibilities. The structure of a software development team entirely depends on your project need and requirements. There may be projects needing a full-cross functional team consisting:

  • Software Engineers
  • QA Engineers
  • Business Lead
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Architect

While there might also be a project which would require mobile app developers only, it is you to decide what and who you need in your company.



Whether remote team, freelance or in-house, hiring a software development team is challenging. However, taking a remote software development team on board is always the most effective option. It is a cost-effective method with no limits to the talent. It provides a diverse workforce with a wide range of expertise and knowledge. In a healthy remote work environment, team members are more productive. It is imperative to unveil all your product details to the software development team.

We at   help companies develop their dream team quickly and affordably. Working with us, you do not have to worry about these issues. Teamwork, great results, and fulfilling your product needs will always be our priority. Our remote developers are serving companies all over the globe by providing top-notch quality software products!